Spring has Arrived

the sun is out. the birds are chirping…

Life on the Hill is great when the first day of warm weather occurs. Everyone flocks outside, enjoys the fresh air, and takes advantage of the beautiful scenery surrounding Holy Cross. The views are breathtaking, and an atmosphere of hope, gratitude, and aspiration ubiquitously fills the air.

On the first nice day of the spring season, my friends and I went to the Hoval and sat around all day! We ate lunch outside after getting food in Hogan, and then we did homework until the night. We took homework breaks to play soccer and football, and we chatted with our friends that came and went in passing.

Kicking the soccer ball around with my friends was such a simple activity, yet it meant so much to me. I was immediately taken back to my youth as I played soccer in grammar school. I really enjoyed trying to recreate soccer moves, juggle the ball, and pass with people I love spending time with.

For dinner, we ordered pizza and sat in a circle taking in the amazing atmosphere. People were grateful. Grateful to be together. Grateful to appreciate God’s beautiful creation of this Earth. Grateful to spend time together and partake in activities that made us feel like children again. Grateful to enjoy each other’s company. Grateful to enjoy Holy Cross. Grateful for Holy Cross for bringing us all together. Grateful for Holy Cross.


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