Welcome to Life on the Hill


Hello! My name is Mia Burgio, and I am going to be blogging my experience as a first-year student! I am looking forward to sharing my adventures with you as I begin my journey as a Holy Cross Crusader who is for and with others.

First Night on the Hill

The Friday night before move-in captured, in essence, the spirit of Holy Cross. My brother, J.T., is a second-year student at Holy Cross, and I was nervous but excited to join him. He was an orientation leader, so he moved in a week early. So, on Friday night, I went to Holy Cross to drop off some chicken wings for him and his friends (I’m from Buffalo, so this is a must), and, as I was walking to his dorm, I saw all of the orientation leaders headed to dinner. I recognized two of my summer orientation leaders, and, to my surprise, they both knew me from my tiny Zoom box in our weekly meetings. They waved to me, and, all of the sudden, all of the orientation leaders were cheering me on and welcoming me with much enthusiasm.

In my first five minutes on the Hill, I felt a sense of belonging. I knew I was supposed to be here, and the feeling of welcomeness eased my nerves in the best way possible. The friendly faces, positive attitudes, and captivating charisma of the orientation leaders reflected the true nature of Holy Cross. I already felt a part of something so special, and I did not even move in yet. As I went to bed in the hotel room that Friday night, I felt an overwhelming sense of anticipation for what was to come.

Move-in Day

When move in day arose, I sprang out of bed, eager to begin my new college life. After getting breakfast with my parents, we set off for the first move-in experience at Holy Cross. Immediately, I was greeted with nothing but joy. Students were singing together, dancing, and laughing as they all helped unload my car. I organized with my roommate, and we were on our way.

The final event with my parents before they left was Mass outside. It was beautiful, and the theme relayed in the service truly emphasized the values of the school. The faculty and staff stressed the notion that our next four years would be challenging, but they would be the most impactful if we worked hard, put in effort, and got involved. They promised us that they would support us when we are struggling and cheer us on when we accomplish our dreams. The sense of security they provided made me feel safe, and I knew I was in good hands.

The Goodbye

Saying goodbye to my parents was extremely difficult. We are very close and we live far away, so the distance was intimidating. My mom and I were crying throughout Mass. I could not even look at her without sobbing, so I barely made eye contact with her throughout the service. When Mass ended, we had to say goodbye. My dad reassured me that all would be okay and that he would always be there for me no matter what. As I sit here writing this with tears in my eyes, I still feel comforted by his words. My mom quoted Mother Teresa and told me to “Be the One.” This simple phrase is loaded with meaning. “Be the One.” Be the person who helps others. Be the person who serves others. Be the person who makes a difference. Be the person who lives, learns, loves, has fun, makes friends, and tries new things. Be the one who is kind. Be the one who is faith-filled. Be the one who puts in effort. Be the one who prioritizes school. Be the one. While being all of these things seemed impossible to me then, now, after having been here for a month, I realize that Holy Cross makes “Being the One” possible. Holy Cross fosters an environment that allows for such character traits to be built. Holy Cross has a commitment to these ideals, encouraging students to always “Be the One” in any situation they face. At Holy Cross, we are many who strive to “Be the One,” committed to making a difference and leaving a legacy.