The Josh Allen Fan Club

As I returned from fall break and school was in full effect, I was faced by a real hurdle on Sunday night. Revenge night. The Buffalo Bills played the Kansas City Chiefs. I still have trauma from the last time we played them, and the Chiefs came out victorious .

This Sunday, I was praying for victory. As a tradition, I wear my Josh Allen jersey every game day with Buffalo tie-dye sweatpants. I have a Josh Allen fathead on my wall in my room, and I wake up to see his beautiful face every morning. I was nervous for the game, but I was excited to see how far our team has grown.

I had Buffalo wings for dinner (how could I not), and my friends and I gathered in the common room to watch the game. None of them are Bills fans, but they know how much football means to me, so they cheered on the Bills and watched with me as I anxiously monitored every play.

In a beautiful, elegant, manner, the Buffalo Bills came out victorious, and I used that positive energy to start the intense school week in a positive way. I felt as if I was watching the Crusaders when I was watching the Bills as they both are dominating their seasons right now!



Buffalo, N.Y. is my hometown. Since the Holy Cross football schedule was released, I had my eye on the game in which they played University of Buffalo in Buffalo. Friday at 3 P.M., one day before the game, my friend and I made a gametime decision. We were gonna make the trek to Buffalo to cheer on the Crusaders!


We packed in twenty minutes, loaded our stuff into the car, and began the six hour journey to Buffalo. My friend had never visited before, so I was excited to bring her home. We stopped at Chipotle on the way home, and we ran into traffic, so our six hour mission turned into seven and a half hours. We laughed, sang songs in the car, and rolled down the window to feel the Upstate New York air as we traveled west.


We were actually in Buffalo for less than thirty-six hours. When we arrived, we had chicken wings waiting for us from Duff’s, the BEST place to get chicken wings in Buffalo! We also went to a famous toast spot in Clarence, and we went to Niagara Falls! We then went to the mall, went to Starbucks, and got ready to tailgate with my parents! The tailgate was so much fun! We met some alumni and staff members who further welcomed us to the Holy Cross football world in Buffalo, N.Y. 

The game was absolutely incredible. It was amazing to see all of our friends on the field playing in my hometown. I felt as if my worlds were colliding, and I loved talking with them after the game. The Hail Mary pass to win the game was even more beautiful in person. It was a great win for the Crusaders, but it was an even better win for me because I had all of my favorite people in one place <3.