Take Me out to the Ball Game

Spring has Arrived…

Warmer weather is upon us. The first day of warm weather is the best. Students are wearing shorts, doing work outside, and joy persists ubiquitously around campus.

While I gave my weekly tour, I couldn’t help but feel so grateful to be a part of a community that is this special, and all of the students mingling outside helped the prospective students and families see the full potential that Holy Cross offers.

The weather has been so nice, and my friends and I have taken advantage of the beautiful scenery. We’ve been on walks, and we recently attended the Holy Cross baseball game against Army. We got takeout for dinner, and we cheered on the Crusaders in what would be the first of many under the lights baseball games.

The environment was electric. People were filled with spirit while watching the game. There was an common appreciation for the beautiful view and anticipation for the performance of the team.

My friends and I loved the experience, and we realized that one of the beautiful facets of the Holy Cross community is the ability to cheer on classmates that we know personally while also familiarizing ourselves with new faces. I’m proud and grateful to experience the Holy Cross family.

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