Family Weekend 2022

Hello everyone! It has been a crazy couple of weeks! Since we last chatted, we had family weekend and the Holy Cross Crusaders won the Patriot League for the fourth year in a row! My brother, who attends Holy Cross, is currently enlisted in the Washington, D.C. semester away program during which he does an internship while simultaneously crafting a thesis. He surprised me for family weekend, and it was great having him back on the hill, even though it was such a short period of time.

The weather for family weekend was beautiful. I felt so prideful as I took my parents around campus, showed them Wheeler Hall, led my dad through the library (I was kind of bored for this one, lol), and spent quality time with my family as it was the first time we all were together since I left to be an orientation leader mid-August.

My favorite part of family weekend was the tailgate. Because we are from Buffalo, we tailgated to the max. It wasn’t quite like the Bills mafia tailgates, but it was pretty close. We went to Wegmans and picked up subs, and feasted on cookies, dips, chips, and snacks. All of friends and their parents came, and it was truly an incredible time. After the tailgate, we went to the game, and the Crusaders played amazingly to narrowly beat Fordham University. Overall, it was the best fall weekend, and I am so grateful for the memories I made as I was able to show my parents a glimpse of life on the hill!

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