A Weekend to Remember


During the month of October, excitement was ubiquitous. The leaves changed color on the Hill, and fall anticipation filled the air. The landscape, including beautiful mums and new signage in front of Hogan, welcomed many in October.

After fall break, we returned to the Presidential Inauguration and Family Weekend. President Rougeau was inaugurated during a beautiful ceremony, and we received t-shirts to commemorate his triumphant moment. For me, seeing President Rougeau’s inauguration was one of the most fulfilling experiences. I was watching history in the making, and seeing his family and many colleagues, as well as students and professors, applaud him and welcome him with open arms reinforced the sense of community of Holy Cross.

In addition to the inauguration, Holy Cross football played Colgate at Polar Park, the new stadium where the WooSox play. My family came in for family weekend, and we attended a tailgate and the game. Purple and white persisted throughout the stadium, and I had a blast!

Perhaps my best moment at Holy Cross so far occurred on a Saturday night in the Kimball Quad. After a day of celebration and a football game at Polar Park, we ran into President Rougeau in the quad. He was nothing but friendly and kind even though he had a busy day. My family and I talked to him for twenty minutes, and we asked him about all the pictures he was taking with people and what it was like being famous. Talking to the president on a Saturday night is something unique to Holy Cross. He even laughed at my joke! It was a great weekend filled with a lot of fun, and the laughter we all shared was the icing on the cake!

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